Eye shower 1 output, wall with hook

  • • COMFORT:- Quick and easy actuation by ergonomic grip- Jet not aggressive for the eye- Automatic ejection of the spray head cover under pressure when immersed in water.• EFFICIENCY: High throughput for rapid decontamination of the eye area.Regulated flow to 16 l/min at 3 bar• SAFETY: Spray head with aerator dual stainless steel filter preventing the passage of anysolid particle in the water distributed in contact with the eye and dust protection cover.• 10 YEARS WARRANTY
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Data sheet Eye shower 1 output, wall with hook


Manually controlled 1 output eyes shower by grip with green ABS ergonomic handle, chromed finish.Spray head equipped with a green ABS protection cover automatically ejectable when immersed in water. Flow 16 l/minat 3 bar with stainless steel double filter aerator. Delivered with standardnameplate "First aid eyes wash".10 year warranty.

Other Specifications

• Fonctionnement :
- Ouverture de l'écoulement par pression sur la gâchette,
fermeture en relachant la pression exercée sur la gâchette.
• Destination :
- Tous les lieux où il existe le risque d'une contamination du
visage et/ou des yeux avec des substances et préparations
chimiques dangereuses pour la santé.
- Industries, laboratoires, ateliers municipaux, hôpitaux,
établissements scolaires, piscines, garage, etc.