Eyepiece camera 3 Mp - Webcam on flexible foot

  • 2 methods of use: - eyepiece camera for time-lapse microscopy - webcam for use in macroscopy Held in hand, mounted at the place of an eyepiece or on a flexible foot to adapt to all situations USB output
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Data sheet Eyepiece camera 3 Mp - Webcam on flexible foot


This camera, connected to your computer with a USB cable, is designed to be used as an eyepiece camera or a webcam:- in eyepiece camera mode, by replacing simply the objective of the webcam by the eyepiece tube, then your camera will take the place of the eyepiece of your microscope or your stereo microscope (adapters provided) for use in time-lapse microscopy,- in Webcam mode, you will be able to observe, use it as a visualizer, acquire high-quality images or short video clips (not requiring HD) of your experiences. On its tripod multi-directional, small, light and stable, it will adapt to your experiments. Attached to the hose with a zipper system, thecamera is easily removable for use "by hand" in macro mode or time-lapse microscopy.Its friendly interface (in French) will allow you to process the images captured or imported through: - to the fluidity of the image on the screen: real-time display and full screen without loss of information, - to the image settings (brightness, contrast, white balance, ...) - to the insertion of captions and comments formatting..., - to the addition of a scale and measurement of distances. These tools are customizable and can be saved for later use. These images can be printed, saved under several formats.You can also make video clips that you can save. Compatible with the Picturio software.
Adaptors for microscopy Bagues d'adaptation diam. 30 et 30,5 (C-mount) mm.
Capture bmp, avi, raw, jpg, tif
Definition 3 Mpixels
Exposure Manual / Automatic
Focusing De 30 cm à l'infini (mode macro)
Focusing Manual
Frame per second 640x480 - 40 images / seconde
Illumination No
Max. resolution 2048 x 1536
Objectives 8 mm focal length, C mount
Output connection USB 2.0
Power supply Par câble USB
Sensitivity 1 lux
Sensor 1/2" CMOS
Sound No
Sound Non
Stand Flexible arm, length 600 mm on a stable stand
Type of product Observation
White balance Manual / Automatic
Zoom x16