F2BE active carbon filter

  • Filtre carbone pour vapeurs acides prédominantes
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Data sheet F2BE active carbon filter


High efficiency over-activated carbon-based molecular filter ensuring filtration compliant with the NF X 15-211 standard:- A filtration efficiency standard guaranteeing the protection of human health- Its objective: only releasing 1% of what is eligible, being 100 times below the official threshold determined by the INRS. This efficiency is not excessive when one is daily exposed in the laboratory to an atmosphere containing chemical pollutants (gases, vapors and aerosols etc ...).The regular change (once per year ) is recommended to ensure this efficiency and proper functioning of your filtration equipment.
Manufacturer's code Z5F2BE
Suitable for the following devices: Schoolcap AVPS 802, CHEM TRAP version H, Midcap 402 MF, 400 NU, Store 832, 400C /ASECOS/DUPERTHAL/CYLTEC
Type of filter BE: for acid & organic vapors