Fast camera

  • Ratio price / acquisition speed unmatched (up to 400 fps)
  • Setting fully supported by Science Studio software
  • USB connected
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Data sheet Fast camera


The fast camera is a product entirely developed in France by Jeulin. Designed to be set easily on any mounting system, it ensures compatibility with current or future operating systems.
Frame per second de 87 i/s (752 x 480 p) à 400 i/s (580 x 80 p.)
Max. resolution 752 x 480
Operating system MAC, Windows
Output connection USB 2.0
Sensor 1/3" CMOS
Software In English, to download
Thématique Lycée Mécanique, Oscillations mécaniques
Thématique Lycée professionnel Mechanics & transport

Other Specifications

Image : Color, CMOS sensor - 1/3'' - 6 mm diag with Global shutter
From 100 fps (resolution 640 x 480) to 400 fps (resolution 560 x 80)

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