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Data sheet Fast camera + Cineris® pack


The fast camera is a fully developed product by Jeulin. Connected via USB, it ensures a fully supported setting by the Scientific Workshop. The compatibility guarantee with the current or future operating systems. An investment protection. The housing ergonomics have been designed to facilitate the attachment of the camera on the mounting systems commonly used in laboratories such as Modumontage system®. This professional solution is also consistent with the financial means of a high school. + Cinéris video acquisition software (school Version CD-ROM) With Cinéris, few clicks are enough to perform and operate a scientific video Video tool: Used to control the video capture, to perform editing and processing (automatic, frame by frame, chronophotography) until obtaining a curve Graphical tool: Allows viewing the curves obtained after the process: x(t), y(t) , y(x), or after the calculation: x'(t), y'(t), v(t), Examples: - perform a graphical modeling of your experimental curves, - draw the velocity and acceleration vectors The table (spreadsheet): The general features of the table are identical to those in most spreadsheets: - visualization of experimental values acquired or calculated, - value calculations through operations or functions, - interactivity with the graph (changes effect). It can be used for example to solve a differential equation with Euler's method . The report: Once the results are obtained, use this function to prepare the PW sheets or ask the students to write their PW report. Help: Access to an online help to get information about the features of the software.


- 1 fast camera (ref. 572 000)
- 1 Cineris® software package (ref. 000 333).
Thématique Lycée Mécanique
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