Fermentation chamber

  • Ideal for an experimental approach to alcoholic and lactic fermentation using datalogging
  • Possible to measure all parameters
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Data sheet Fermentation chamber


This chamber has been specially designed for
datalogging. In particular it meets the servere
conditions required to success fermentation
experiments and other controlled parameters
- 2 L cylindrical chamber,
- 4 x 12 mm Ø holes for O2, CO2, pH, Ethanol or
Turbidity probes,
- 2 x 6 mm Ø holes for temperature or luxmeter
- 1 hole equipped with samples extraction and
injection system,
- 1 hole for an oxygenation system,
- 1 hole for electric heater.
Delivered with:
- 1 electric heater for thermal regulation,
- 1 oxygenation system,
- 12 plugs (6 solid and 6 open) for use with or
without probes,
- 1 magnetic bar for stirring.
This fermentation chamber can also be used to
study cellular growth.
Thématique Lycée Fermentation