• • Study of fi bre optics and the transmission of signals
  • • Simple to use, ideal to encourage an investigative approach
  • • Broad usage range
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Data sheet Fibroptonic


Possible e xperiments:
- Propagation of an infrared signal in air.
- Optical and geometric properties of an infrared
- Propagation of an electromagnetic signal in
an optical fi bre.
- Telephony by optical fi bre.
- Transmission of a periodic signal.
- Detection and transmission by optical fi bre.
- Periods measurement.
- Detection of light variations.
- Vibrations and mechanical oscillations.
- Spectroscopy.
- Photometry.
- Colorimetry and chemical kinetics.
2 additional practical exercises are proposed
on the study topics of attenuation and opening
of an optical fi bre and on the transmission
of signals over a fi bre.
Connections: Ø 4 mm safety banana sockets
Power supply: direct current, 6, 9 and 12 V (not supplied)


- 1 emitter module which converts sound or an electrical
signal into an infrared signal.
This module has a built-in microphone and a direct input for transmitting periodic electrical signals or connecting an external sound source via an adapter (not supplied).
A connector lets you select the input channel: microphone
or direct input.
- 1 receiver module which transforms an infra-red signal into a sound or an electric signal (bandwidth 550 to 1000 nm).
This module has an integrated loudspeaker (adjustable volume) and an analogue output.
- 1 photoresistor module which is used to capture light and allows experiments on spectroscopy, photometry and mechanical oscillation.
- 1 x approximately 5 metre optical fibre for connecting the emitter and receiver modules.
Practical themes Optical fiber & transmission of information
Propagation medium Optical fiber, Air
Transmission source Infrared
Type of product Physique-Chimie, Optique

Other Specifications

Connections: Ø 4 mm safety banana sockets.
Power supply: direct current, 6, 9 and 12 V (not supplied).
1. Non-guided transmission of a sound signal

2. Guided transmission of a sound or periodic signal

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