Filtering Buchner funnel with vacuum port

Integrated vacuum portPTFE screw connector
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Data sheet Filtering Buchner funnel with vacuum port


Buchner funnel for vacuum filtration, with sintered glass disk. Made of Pyrex borosilicate glass®Quickfit® for high resistance to chemical attack.Enables filtering solutions that can not be filtered through paper filters that are not resistant to certain bases and acids.With male ground to allow direct filtration in ground vacuum conical flasks. To be used with the vacuum flask ref. 713 892.
Capacité : 125 mL.
Porosité : 3.
Ø fritté : 60 mm.
Ø du bord : 71 mm.
Rodage mâle : 24/29.
Olive pour tuyau flexible Ø int. 9 mm.