Filtering safety cabinet 1 door - 140 L

  • Practical and aesthetic: glass door with lock Resistance: anti-corrosion treated metal structure
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Data sheet Filtering safety cabinet 1 door - 140 L


15/10e Glass steel cabinet designed for laboratory storage of corrosive, acids, alkalis, flammable chemicals, equipped with an integrated ventilation.Specifications Painting: white and blue epoxy External dimensions: 1900 x 800 x 545 mm Weight: 140 kg 1 Lockable door in double-walled 15/10e steel with polycarbonate window Retention bin fitted with a mat absorbing 1 compartment product = 1 specific retention bin 4 perforated shelves adjustable in height 2 air vents in the lower part Fully integrated ventilation subwoofer made of double-walled 15/10e steel and locking 220 V mono fan, IP44 protection, power 0.1 kW, max. flow 215 m3, 55.5 dB sound level in accordance with ISO 3744 Technical marks Products: Corrosive and easily flammable Storage compartments: unique Delivery: delivered assembled Installation option: Handling / InstallationThe cabinet can be either connected, so used as a filtration cabinet:1) When used as a connection cabinet, be sure to also order the refs 792099, 792726 and 7920842) when used as a filtration cabinet, do not forget to order the filter matching the type of products that you store (ref. 792051 or 792052).
Capacité (flacons 1 L) 140
Dimensions intérieures (L x P x H) (mm) 780 x 500 x 1660 mm
Nombre d'étagères 4 (L= 780mm)
Number of compartments 1
Outer dimensions (L x D x H) (mm) 800 x 545 x 1900 mm
Weight 140 kg

Other Specifications

Grande(s) porte(s) vitrée(s) en polycarbonate à fermeture à clef. Peinture époxy blanche RAL 9010 et bleue RAL 5015. Étagères perforées réglables en hauteur. Orifices de ventilation. Ventilateur silencieux : 220-240 volts - 50 Hz ; débit de 202 m3/heure ; 0,2 A ; 47 watts ; niveau sonore de 49 dB(A) avec prise et câble.
Livrées montées.
Le prix inclut la livraison à l'établissement. Manutention jusqu'à la classe et mise en service sur devis (conditions page 543).
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