Filtration mini hood

Easily placed on a benchtop or a workbenchContainment of vapors in the handling enclosure
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Data sheet Filtration mini hood


Hood delivered ready to use (no installation), simply connect to the power grid.ComplianceAbsorption capacity of active carbon filters and filtration system tested and certified with the NF X 15-211 standard.Electric fan in compliance with the CE specifications.OptionsActive carbon filter active: The mini hood is delivered without active carbon filterYou must select one in the table below depending on the product type that you handle. CORG51: Versatile filter for organic and corrosive vaporsORG50: filter for organic vapors
Dimensions extérieures (L x H x P) 505 x 605 x485 mm
Dimensions intérieures (L x H x P) (mm) 455 x 410 x 445 mm
Power supply 220 - 240 Volts
Sound level 43 dB
Width 505 mm
Construction en acier 12/10e.
Dimensions (H x L x P) mm : 605 x 505 x 485.
Poids : 25 kg.
Peinture époxy blanche RAL 9010 et bleu RAL 5015.
Ventilateur électrique silencieux : 220-240 volts. 20 Watts. 0,1 A. 43 dB(A) (hors flux d'air). Débit 86 m3/heure. Protection IP54.
Parois latérales et passages de main en lanières en PVC souple transparent.