Flux meter

  • • High-precision sensor
  • • Mobile device
  • • Instant and direct measurement of thermal flux
  • • Analogue output for measurements using datalogging tools
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Data sheet Flux meter


Real innovation to address the concept of thermal flux.

The Initio fluxmeter has been developed from an industrial technology, giving it remarkable accuracy. A genuine investigatory device, the fluxmeter is also an efficient measuring equipment.
Theme: human histology Conduction / convection
Type of product Physique-Chimie

Other Specifications

Sensor with coppered surface, thick impression.

Sensitivity: 1 μV/W.m²
Thickness: 0.45 mm
Dimensions: 50 x 50 mm
Length of cable: 1.5 m
Analogue outputs +/- 2.5 V
Digital display: gain (+) or loss (-)
Power supply by 9 V battery (provided)