Focal determination screen

  • The best device to determine a lens focal by autocollimation
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Data sheet Focal determination screen


Experience We place on the optical bench: - a white light source fitted with a condenser - the focal distance measuring screen with its half object - the converging lens of which we want to know the focal - a plane mirror (it is possible to attach the mirror and the lens, the distance between both does interfere in the result).We move athe pack lens-plane mirror until obtaining a sharp image on the screen (equal and reverse of the object). Result: the distance between the object and the lens corresponds to the focal length of the lens.


- 1 écran métallique blanc percé, dim. 100 x 123 mm. Partie ajourée : demi Ø 38 mm. Fixation par tige Ø 10 mm.
- 1 support de composant magnétique type Clix
- 1 jeton demi objet "F"
Dimensions 100 x 123 mm
Practical themes Focométrie
Type of device Cavaliers et montures