Forces and moments set


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Data sheet Forces and moments set


Many possible experiments:
- study of torque, line of action of a weight,
- balance of any solid under 2 or 3 forces,
- lever,
- simple pulley,
- parallel vertical forces,
- moments disc.


1 perforated ruler on a magnetic pulley, 1 perforated ruler, 1 axis on magnet, 4 magnetic pulleys, 1 pulley on base, 3 x 5 N dynamometers fitted on magnetic support, 10 hooked masses each of 50 g, 10 simple hooks, 1 ball of 90 m of string, 1 plumb line, 1 solid of indeterminate shape, 1 indeterminate figure mounted on a magnetised axis with its ruler for studying moments.
Compatible with data logging No
Notion in statics Force