Forces study set

  • 1 réglet aluminium, L = 400 mm percé de trous équidistants ;
  • 3 axes sur aimants ;
  • 1 fil à plomb (à monter) ;
  • 1 sachet de 10 crochets ;
  • 1 rouleau de ficelle.
  • Livré avec une notice comportant des exemples de manipulations appliquées à des situations concrètes (échelle contre un mur, brouette, pont levis...)
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Data sheet Forces study set


Practical exercises that can be performed:
- equilibrium of a solid subject to several forces,
- determination of the value and direction of the forces applied.


- 1 aluminium ruler L = 400 mm drilled with holes at equal distances,
- 3 axes on magnets,
- 1 plumb line (to be assembled),
- 1 packet of 10 hooks,
- 1 ball of string.
Compatible with data logging No
Notion in statics Force

Other Specifications

Basic set allowing the study of forces.
Forces are
applied using masses or dynamometers (not supplied) at different points of the
The immediate drawing of each figure allows an easy use by the


1 aluminium rule, L = 400 mm with equidistant
holes ; 3 axes on magnets ; 1 plumb line (to be assembled), 10 hooks, 1 string

Supplied with an instruction manual with examples of experiments
applied to real situations (scale against a wall, whellbarrow,

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