Forensic DNA Kit

Feasible Pws Application of the DNA variability in the forensic identification Approach of the DNA structure and the nature of the coded message Ideal for the exploration module forensic Scientific Methods and Practices (SMP) Highlights: Turnkey PW, secure and easy to implement
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Data sheet Forensic DNA Kit


DNA tests by restriction fragment polymorphism (RFLP) are part of the biology molecular methods commonly employed especially in forensics. This technique reveals genetic markers that differ between individuals, species or genera. Students learn through the experimentation that many genetic markers depend on the way in which small differences in a DNA sequence can change the cut-off profile by restriction enzymes. Speed of implementation, the student only deposits the DNA samples on agarose gel for the analyzis and interpretation of genetic fingerprint in DNA testing.


4 lots d'ADN : 3 suspects et 1 de référence (lieu du crime)
1 tube marqueur de taille 50 µL
Theme Genetics
Ce kit présente 4 ADN hydrolysés prêts à être déposés sur un gel d'agarose 0,6 % (1, 2% maximum).
Format 20 tests complets soit 80 dépots (4 dépôts par test)
Nombre de tests : 20
Température de stockage : +4° C
Conservation : 4 mois