Forensics educational pack (DVD-ROM): science in the service of police investigations

  • A complete solution devised in collaboration with the Palais de la DécouverteTwo ingenious scenarios including educational progress and experimental activities A coordinated multidisciplinary approach between Life Sciences and PC, developed by a team of teachers
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Data sheet Forensics educational pack (DVD-ROM): science in the service of police investigations


A complete work tool for conducting the survey: - PW protocols tested in the classroom - Guidance on the implementation of products and models- Scientific supplements on the forensic methods- Resources for scripting the sessionsEducational pack developed in partnership with the Palais de la Découverte and a team of teachers.This educational tool offers a scientific approach that comes in experimental activities with a multidisciplinary simultaneous approach.For example, a hair may be considered in physics (thickness measurement) or in Life Sciences (structure, DNA).With its presentation "at the forensics lab" realized in collaboration with the IRCGN, the Palais de la Découverte scientific advisors provided their support to the multidisciplinary team of teachers to develop 2 scenarios. Both scenarios are considered as proposals for exploration tracks that allow great freedom in your teaching for the implementation of dedicated models and devices.Scenario aggression in the laboratoryFollowing an assault by an unknown, the teacher Toubaessé is found unconscious in his laboratory: analysis of the break scene, mobile search, all the elements of a thriller in the heart of the high school.Car accident scenarioTwo cars were found crashed at a crossroads. Aboard one of the cars, an unconscious driver. The other vehicle was left empty, a driver hit and run is tipped. The clues were identified and witnesses were interviewed. These will allow reconstructing the circumstances of the accident.The educational pack is in the form of a DVD-ROM, single support grouping PW protocols, video documents (testimony), iconographic resources as well as the included stenographic software!Clues and traces taken from "the scene" to be exploited:- highlighting blood traces, - blood groups and blood nature analysis, - DNA analysis, - fingerprint and other physical traces, - hair and textile fibers identification, - suspicious powder (toxicology) identification, - glass refractive index, - vehicle braking distance calculation, - different oil viscosity, encrypted message. More details on
L'axe éditorial choisi est de replacer les expertises scientifiques à leurs justes places dans le processus de l'enquête criminelle.
L'objectif est de mettre en évidence des principes scientifiques simples qui sont à la base des dispositifs d'investigations criminelles et de distinguer ce qui relève de la pratique réelle et ce qui est de l'ordre de la fiction.