Free fall

  • Compatible Computer Assisted Experimentation (with/without forks) Compatible timer counter Shutter/receiver without power 1m Size: ideal for student PW
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Data sheet Free fall


This device for studying the free fall is equipped with a manual trigger, adjustable in height. A simple system by manual pressure authorizes the launch of the ball. The connection of the two cords of the trigger to a synchronization input is used to start the acquisition at the exact moment of the beginning of the fall. The shock sensor, which requires no power, delivers a signal when the ball hits it and thus makes it easy to determine the time of fall. Using the timer/counter ref. 351 058, you get an easy to use and accurate fall time measurement. For further analysis, it is possible to position the forks on the ball trajectory, fixed to the standard format 15 x 15 mm rod provided. In this configuration, the Chronociné forks ref. 453 026 associated with the mechanical module of the Scientific Workshop software allow to obtain the position of the ball and its speed, and so to find the value of g.


1 déclencheur manuel
1 détecteur de choc réf. 332 024
1 languette de déclenchement et 1 de rechange.
1 tige sérigraphiée section : 15×15 mm; longueur : 1 m
2 pieds réglables
2 billes acier ∅ 16 mm
Computerization of measurements Analog output, Video, Data logging
Thématique Lycée Mécanique
Type of device Others
Type of experiment Fall

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