Function generator GF5+ 5MHZ

Backlight graphic LCD displayBR/ DDS Digital Technology: accuracy and stabilityBR/10W amplified output for speaker, RLC circuit, Melde's vibratorBR/Floating mass outputBR/Microphone input for the study of soundBR/New box with stands and power cord storage
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Data sheet Function generator GF5+ 5MHZ


- The GF5+ generator is both classic while preserving the didactic ergonomics of the former GF5, and modern with its digital functions such as the graphic LCD display and the DDS Technology that ensures accuracy, stability and ease of adjustment.
- Its new box with stands and power cord roller makes it more comfortable to use. It is equipped with a 10W low resistance amplifier which output can be connected directly to a speaker, an RLC circuit or Melde's vibrator. The delivered voltage remains constant for a current delivered at up to 1,1 A.
- The amplifier input is connected by default to the generator internal signal but may also be engaged by a microphone signal that we connect on the front side to a 6.35 mm jack plug.
- VCF / AM / FM input allows the continuous adjustment of the frequency by an external voltage (automatically generated by a datalogging system, for example) as well as an AM and FM modulation from an external signal.


Signals: sinus, square, triangle, TTL / CMOS, DC
Frequency: 1 mHz to 5 MHz in 5 ranges + automatic range switch mode
Non amplified output: BNC socket- impedance 50 Ω
Voltage: 0,1 to 30 Vcc in open circuit (15 Vcc on 50 Ω)
Attenuation: -20 or -40 dB
Offset: from -15 to +15 V
Distorsion: 1 % from 2 Hz to 2 MHz under sinusoidal conditions
Control of duty cycle: from 15 to 85 %
Amplified output: safety socket Ø 4 mm - impedance 8 Ω
Low frequency amplificator: 10 W from 2 Hz to 20 KHz
Max current: 1,1 A

Protections: Each output is protected against permanent short-cuts and voltage re-injection up to ±60 VDC. Each input is protected up to ±60 VDC.
Width 305 mm
Length 305 mm
Min. frequency 1000000
Amplified output Yes
DDS technology Yes
Number of channels 1
Dimensions 305 x 305 x 125 mm
Height 125 mm
Mass 2,2 kg
Power supply 230 V ±20 %, 50-60 Hz
Frequency meter External
Modulation AM et FM à l'aide d'un générateur extérieur
Modes AM/FM Modulation
Maximum frequency 5 MHz
Fréquence 1 mHz à 5 MHz en 5 gammes + mode Auto
Type of product Mesure électrique
Qu'est ce qu'un générateur DDS ?
DDS “direct digital synthesis” soit en français : “synthèse numérique directe”.

Les signaux sont générés sous une forme numérique, puis restitués à travers un convertisseur numérique / analogique, offrant une équivalence quasi parfaite de forme avec un signal analogique.
Cette technologie apporte une grande stabilité dans le temps et une grande précision des réglages, autant pour les fréquences très basses (1 mHz) que pour les fréquences élevées (5 MHz et plus).

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