Gas laser (He-Ne) 0.8 mW

  • Laser Hélium - Néon JeulinPuissance 0,8 mW (classe II)
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Data sheet Gas laser (He-Ne) 0.8 mW


Metal / glass-welded tube with cathode specially treated to ensure an increased long-time strength (15 000 H) and a storage without maintenance. Collimation lenses at the mirror's front side producing a small-diameter beam. A low divergence enables the beam to remain fine. Coaxial laser tube providing stability in the power and direction to carry out reproductible quantitative recordings (spectrophotometry, for ex.). Built-in 230 V power supply for an easier experiment's putting into service and the equipment storage. Supplied with instruction booklet.
Depth (mm) 250 mm
Dimensions 68 x 90 x 250 mm
Height 90 mm
Mass 1 kg
Power 0,8 mW
Power supply 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Practical themes Rectilinear propagation of light, Demonstration lasers & light sources
Wavelength 632,8 nm
Width 68 mm

Other Specifications


Power: 0.8 mW
Class: class II
Power stability: ± 2.5 %
Wavelength: 632.8 nm
Beam diameter:
0.5 mm
Beam divergence: 1.7 mrad
Polarization: Random
Power supply: 230 V -
50 Hz
Dimensions: 68 x 90 x 250 mm
Mass: 1