Go Cabby Suitcase

  • To transport, recharge and synchronize 16 tablets
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Data sheet Go Cabby Suitcase


Designed to hold 16 tablets (10" max) of all types, with or without a protective cover and a Notebook (17" max).
Tablet compartment with protective foam, equipped with 2 velcro strips for total conservation of the tablets during transportation. Foam side compartment to accommodate supplementary material: Notebook and its charger, Apple TV, cables or all other small items.

Loading unit and Cambrionyx U165 synchronization, integrated into the central console. Fast loading, simultaneous and intelligent (USB Fast Charge) of all types for tablets or smartphones. Simultaneous synchronization of 16 tablets, of the same type, to transfer contents.
Depth 400 mm
Height 792 mm
Length 553 mm

Other Specifications

Mains adapter (13 amps - 2 sockets) integrated for the Notebook and router.
2 meter electrical cord - IEC socket.
Fan to cool down the closed suitcase while the tablets are charging.
Retractable trolley handle, 2 side handles, 2 sturdy wheels for perfect maneuverability and security.
2 front locks, each can be sealed with a padlock.

Suitcase exterior: 553 x 400 x 792 mm
Tablet compartment: 265 x 330 x 315 mm