Graduated pump

  • Simple et pratique
  • 20 injections = 1 L d'air
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Data sheet Graduated pump


Enables the injection of a given air volume in a qoft
drink bottle fitted with the adapter for soft drink bottle.The injection of
1 L of air is carried out by performing successively 20 injections of 50
mL.An hole located at the bottom of the syringe's cylinder when one pull on
the piston. One only have to position a finger on this hole and press the
pistion to inject the iar contained. A non-return valve prevents the air
compressed in the bottle from exerting a pressure on the piston for a
particularly easy and effortless use.
Practical themes Properties of matter

Other Specifications


Air-injection pump graduated from 0 to 60
Fitted with a PVC soft tubing with a male quick coupler set at its end.

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