Groomy® 2-DC motor controller

Control 2 motors independently.Each motor has 2 commands: on/off and direction of rotation.Power supply to the...  Read more


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Data sheet Groomy® 2-DC motor controller


Control 2 motors independently.
Each motor has 2 commands: on/
off and direction of rotation.
Power supply to the motor by
Groomy up to 5 V, 0.5 A per motor.
Above this limit, a terminal allows
the use of an external power supply
of up to 12 V, 1 A per motor.


Pilotage de 2 moteurs indépendamment (M/A et sens)
Au-delà de 5 V, une alimentation extérieure est connectable, jusqu'à 12 V 1 A par moteur
Type of device Actuators

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