Groomy® analogue sensors Groomy® telemeter

  • Protection contre les court-circuits et contre les surtensions forcées
  • Connexion directe avec les cordons didactiques de couleur bleu ou jaune
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Data sheet Groomy® analogue sensors Groomy® telemeter


Detects an obstacle and measures the distance of
an object in front of the sensor.
Used in robotics, the sensor enables the modifi cation
of the behaviour of the robot depending on
an obstacle.
The telemeter can also be used to measure the
distance separating the sensor from an object. For
optimal measurement conditions, the object must
have a dimension of about 10 x 10 cm.
The measuring range varies from 5 cm (0.1 V)
to 250 cm (5.0 V).
Type of device Sensors