Groomy® digital sensors Groomy® line tracer

  • Protection contre les court-circuits et contre les surtensions forcées
  • Connexion directe avec les cordons didactiques de couleur bleu ou jaune
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Data sheet Groomy® digital sensors Groomy® line tracer


Returns 2 signals to determine the position
of a robot on either side of a line.
Used in robotics, the line tracer
is a real asset for your applications.
The line tracer is fi tted with 2 independent
high-tech sensors.
Each sensor returns:
Absence of refl ection (black strip) = 0
Presence of refl ection = 1.
Adhesive tape width between 11 mm
and 19 mm.
Compatible with adhesive tape ref. 183 496.
Type of device Sensors
Type of product Divers