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Data sheet Heart rate sensor


This sensor gives the value of the heart rate in beats per minute using an optical sensor in which the user inserts his finger. In the Scientific Workshop software, this sensor can also represent the form of a heart signalin order to measure its period. While the first function will be mainly used in Life Sciences especially at school, the "Viewing the heart signal" function will be used in physics and chemistry.
At school, in Life Sciences, it can be used as part of the study of metabolic adaptation to stress. It allows explaining how the cardiovascular system intervenes in a muscular effort by identifying the body's capabilities and limitations (heart and breathing rates, and physical effort).
For studying physics and chemistry in high school, it allows studying periodic signals, and especially knowing and using the definitions of the period and frequency of a periodic phenomenon: measurement amplitude, period measurement and calculation.

Available in September 2016.
Type d'interface collège Tooxy / AirNeXT
Type d'interface lycée Foxy / AirNeXT

Other Specifications

Measurement of heart rate in beats per minute
Measuring range : from 0 to 220 bpm
Large signal display
Voltage between -5/+ 5 V

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