Immunoassay kit - (ELISA principle)

  • Cheaper and faster than the ELISA test
  • With cups impregnated with antigens
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Data sheet Immunoassay kit - (ELISA principle)


Carrying out an ELISA test, with its color gradient associated with various antibodies concentrations, for detecting and assaying thereof, may sometimes be difficult for the students. This test represents a simplified alternative. On exactly the same theoretical and practical bases of the ELISA test (ref 115037), this kit allows you to perform a simplified test with negative control, positive control and an unknown solution in which the student must demonstrate the presence or absence of antibodies without assaying it. This test contains all the necessary solutions in color Epppendorfs to avoid errors, as well as cups impregnated with antigens for a simplified experience. It also contains a TMB solution ready for use. Very quickly, you highlight, thanks to this simplified ELISA kit, the specificity of antibodies in relation to the antigen, the formation of immune complexes during the immune response

6 months


For 24 tests:
- 24 half-bars with 4 wells
- 6 mL ready-to-use TMB
- PBS tween concentrate
- 1 tube of immunized anti-BSA rabbit serum
- 1 tube of non-immunized rabbit serum
- 1 tube of secondary reactive antibodies coupled to 1 enzyme
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