Inclined plane

  • Simple experiments can be performed on forces: static equilibrium
  • Simple and accurate ball bearing system
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Data sheet Inclined plane


- Equilibrium of a weight on an inclined plane.
- Measurement of the normal reaction to the plane.
- Forces applied by dynamometers or masses.


- 1 inclined plane 600 x 60 mm with pulley-fixing device,
- 1 metal block weighing 1 kg, fitted with two hooks,
- 2 pulleys Ø 50 mm on bearings fitted with a rod of Ø 6 mm,
- 1 support on magnetic base fitted with 3 captive balls to
eliminate friction,
- 1 slider bracket at 90° (magnetic),
- 1 graduated scale to measure the angle of inclination of the plane.
Dynamometers, laboratory stand, bossheads and masses are required.
Computerization of measurements Video
Type of device Bench
Type of experiment Inclined plane

Other Specifications


- 1 inclined plane
(600 x 60 mm) with pulley fixation system.
- 1 metallic block (mass: 1 kg),
equipped with two hooks.
- 2 pulleys (Ø 50 mm) on bearing equipped with a Ø 6
mm rod.
- 1 stand on magnetic base equipped with 3 unlosable balls to
suppress frictions.
- 1 x 90° square slide (magnetic).
- 1 graduated
sector to measure the plane's angle of inclination.
- 1 instruction booklet
with experiments.

To be completed with dynamometers, laboratory stands,
bossheads and masses.