Inclusions in kit - Monohybridism - direct F2


Data sheet Inclusions in kit - Monohybridism - direct F2


Presentation:This series presents in an elegant storage box 8 slides to observe:- 1 parents slide,- 1 direct F1 slide,- 6 test slides carrying a total of about 300 individuals fully respecting the natural distribution; the kit is accompanied by illustrated instructions, size: 21 x 29.7 cm Objectives:Observe with the binocular magnifier the sorted population (but not counted!), develop models, study the chromosome segregation, the distribution of genes. From these results, define the type of hereditary law which meets the strain studied.
Theme: human histology Genetics
Type of crosses Monohybrid crosses
Type of inclusion Slide

Other Specifications

Mutation étudiée : Ailes vestigiales.
1 lame Parents : Homozygotes sauvages P1, homozygotes mutés P2.
1 lame F1 (P1 x P2) : Phénotype ailes longues (sauvage) d'où notion de dominance.
6 lames test F2 (F1 x F1) : On observe envrion 75 % ailes longues, 25 % ailes vestigiales.

Réflexion : Répartition entre homozygotes et hétérozygotes des 75 % phénotype sauvage.