Infrared benchtest

Complete and ready to use Compatible thermal cameras and infrared thermometers
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Data sheet Infrared benchtest


This infrared benchtest allows students to highlight the parameters that affect the temperature measurement by infrared thermography. Many experiments are possible: - Comparison of the radiation between any material and a black body - Determination of the emissivity of an unknown material-Studying the impact of the angle on the temperature measurement-Studying the impact of the surface finish to highlight the reflected temperature, - highlighting the spatial resolution of the camera on the measurement through a slit. Once these elements are apprehended, students should be able to take a critical look on the measures he performs in PW or on the real conditions through a thermal camera or an infrared thermometer Note:in order to use a thermal imager or an infrared thermometer as a "gun" form, it is advisable to use the versatile support ref. 253 126 (to be ordered separately).


- Banc d'optique 2 m (réf. 202 958)
- 3 cavaliers acceptant les accessoires sur tige Ø 10 mm (2 x réf. 202 961+ 1 x réf. 204 060)
- 2 support de matériaux largeur 50 et 20 mm sur tige Ø 10 mm (réf. 202 448 et 202 449)
- 1 écran chauffant avec douilles sécurité 4 mm (alimentation 12 V - 100 VA) (réf. 253 122)
- 1 transformateur 12V – 100 VA pour l'alimentation de l'écran chauffant (réf. 202 909)
- Disques de matériaux : aluminium, plexiglas transparent et opaque, cuivre, laiton, inox, tôle EZ (réf. 253 123)
- 1 accessoire résolution spatiale sur tige Ø 10 mm (réf. 253 128)
- 1 accessoire influence de l'angle sur tige Ø 10 mm (réf. 253 129)
Theme: human histology Thermal radiation

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