Infrared detector - A1 format for inkjet table

  • Big size: A1 format
  • Compatible with inkjet table
  • Compatible with former Meca table
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Data sheet Infrared detector - A1 format for inkjet table


This IR sensor is compatible with the table with inkjet pucks réf. 332 055 along with the former Meca table.
From acquisition to analysis in less than 5 minutes: study the motion of several pucks.(up to 4 points simultaneously) and the position vs time without any treatment.

The software provided with the IR sensor is composed of two tabs:
Tab1 :
Observe the trajectory while acquiring the data then measure the distance between two points previously selected. Distances and corresponding time gaps will be recorded in a dedicated tab.
Calculate distance/time gap in a very easy way and analyse its potential variation.
While stating the relation between speed, distance and duration, the student can describe the trajectory and characterizes the motion.

Tab 2 :
Re-invest the skill and knowledge acquired in Mathematics
The notions of graphics, straight line, slop etc..can be used in the frame of problem solving.
The tools integrated in the software allow the student to characterize a motion using the notions acquired in Mathematics.


- IR sensor
- stands
- software for acquisition and analysis
Type of product Physique-Chimie, Mécanique

Other Specifications

Dimensions of the IR sensor : A1 format