Infrared sensor - Motion and energy set

Plateforme Numérique Jeulin
  • All in one solution: motion and energy study
  • The balls are perfectly spherical: frictionless motion
  • Ball guide for rectilinear motions
  • Multipositions : vertical or horizontal
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Data sheet Infrared sensor - Motion and energy set


no more need to work out the video acquisitions beeing faced with the codec recognition problems.

With this new IR technology, the object is moving inside the frame and the trajectory is represented on the screen in real time thanks to the software developped by Jeulin.

Possibles applications:
- Pendulum
- Uniform rectilinear motion
- Accelerated rectilinear motion
- Parabolic motion
- Free fall

The frame is provided with the software for data acquisition and data processing.
2 different tabs are provided to meet the requirements of the curriculum and the study level.


- IR sensor
- Adjustable and tilting support
- 1 guide groove for the rectilinear trajectory
- 3 balls
- pendulum accessory
- software
Type of product Physique-Chimie, Mécanique

Other Specifications

Dimensions of the frame : 63,5 x 63.5 cm