Initio 2 CO2meter Air

  • Large graphic display
  • Data recording function
  • Compatible with tablet
  • Ideal addition to the Initio® 2 oximeter
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Data sheet Initio 2 CO2meter Air


This Initio® 2 measures the level of CO2 in the air.

In Life Sciences, it allows studying different topics of the program: the planet Earth, human body and health or the living.
Examples of possible applications:
- Increase of the CO2 concentration in the expired air during a physical effort
- Study of the chlorophyll cell needs
- Characteristics of the fossil resources combustion
Type of product Mesure connectée

Other Specifications

Measurement range : 0 to 10 %
Calibration : in the air single-point
Technology : Infrared
Communication : USB, Wifi optional
Dimensions : 95 x 123 x 44 mm
Power supply : Li-ion rechargeable battery
Probe and power supply provided

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