Initio 2 - A complete range for all your measurements

Initio2, a complete range of measurement devices

Initio 2 : A tablet ready measurement device

This complete range of measurement devices has been designed by Jeulin to help the teaching in Biology and Physics at school.
It can be used whether in the classroom or in the field as a standalone device with memory or associated with a datalogging interface.
This new range fits perfectly with the changes that occur in the digital world and its applications at school.
Indeed, the wifi module that can be added will transform your measurement device into a connected object: recover your data on your tablet or smartphone.
Among the range of Initio2 Measurement device, you will find: pH-meter, conductimeter, pressure meter, joulemeter, thermometer, teslameter, oximeter, sonometer, lux & solarimeter, dynamometer, CO2 meter Air and ventilation.

A simple and sturdy educational measurement device

An Initio 2 device is composed of :
 - a large backlit graphic display for a better viewing offering the possibility to draw curves directly.
 - a rotating wheel for a very easy and intuitive access to advanced functions.
 - a long-life battery compatible with universal battery chargers (micro-USB).

initio 2 - caracteristics

An integrated memory

The initio 2 device has a recording function for one at a time or continuous recording of your data.

Download the free software (available on the website/ Resources) and you will be able to work out your data in a spreadsheet with all the necessary graphic tools.

Initio 2 - un outil multi-fonction

Possible use with datalogging systems

Each Initio 2 device is made of two analog outputs for your data acquisitions.

 > two 4 mm banana sockets for a connection to datalogging systems equipped with direct inputs.
 > one 3.5mm jack socket for the data recording with compatible device such as Groomy interfaces.

Whatever the Initio 2 device, output voltages are the same, simplifying thus the set up of the experimentation.

Initio 2 and Ex.A.O. interface

Compatible with all kind of tablets

Set up your acquisitions and display your results directly on the screen of your tablet, your smartphone or your laptop (wifi equipped) thanks to the wifi module that is fixed at the back of the device.

No driver to install, this module is compatible with all the operating systems (Android, iOs, Windows…)
Up to 5 tablets/smartphone/laptop can connect simultaneously to one Initio2 device.

Initio 2 - WIFI module