Initio® 2 Lux & solarimeter

Two types of measurements
Data recording function
Tablet ready thanks to the wifi module
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Data sheet Initio® 2 Lux & solarimeter


The Initio® 2 Lux & solarimeter measures the illuminance in lux and the irradiance in W.m-2.
Thanks to its datalogging function (data recording) and its long-life battery, this Initio® 2 device is ideal for measurements in the field.
Thématique Collège Mesure numérique
Thématique Lycée Mesure numérique
Type of product Mesure connectée
Type of measurements :
- Illuminance
- Irradiance
Measurement range :
- 0-2000 lux
- 0-200 kLux
- 0-2000 W.m-2
Accuracy : ±1 %

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