Initio® 2 pH-meter

Large graphic display
Measurement recording function
Datalogging on tablet
Compatible with any datalogger
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Data sheet Initio® 2 pH-meter


Among the products of the range Initio 2, this pH-meter measures the pH of an aqueous solution thansk to a pH probe (not provided).

Ideal for science teaching at college and high school, this versatile measuring instrument can be in different ways :

- As an autonomous measurement device :
* Read measurements on the device display
* Save measures for analyses from a computer
* Read measurement directly on a tablet thanks to the Initio® 2 wifi module - until 5 mobile devices can be connected to one Initio® 2.

- Connecté à une console d'ExAO
Analog output Yes
BNC connection Yes
Calibration Automatic
Connexion électrode pH BNC connector
Interface USB or WIFI (optionnal)
Mesure de pH Gamme 1 to 14 pH
Mesure de pH Précision ± 0,1 pH
Millivoltmeter No
Output USB, Wifi en option
Power supply mains adapter provided
Probe included No
Probe stand No
Thermometer No
Type Mesure pH
Type of product Mesure connectée
Range : 1 à 14 u.pH
Precision : ± 0,1 u.pH
Resolution : 0,1 u.pH
Calibration : In 2 points
Connection to a pH probe : BNC connector
Afficheur : Backlit graphic display, resolution 128 x 64
Analog outputs:
* -5 V to +5 V on 4mm security banana sockets
* 0 à +5V on 3,5 mm jack
Communication : USB, Wifi in option
Dimensions : 95 x 123 x 44 mm
Power supply : rechargeable battery Li-ion
Provided with a adapter sector (for batteries rechargement) and one micro USB cable.