Initio® 2 pH-meter

  • Large graphic display
  • Measurement recording function
  • Datalogging on tablet
  • Compatible with any datalogger
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Data sheet Initio® 2 pH-meter


Among the products of the range Initio 2, this pH-meter measures the pH of an aqueous solution thansk to a pH probe (not provided).

Ideal for science teaching at college and high school, this versatile measuring instrument can be in different ways :

- As an autonomous measurement device :
* Read measurements on the device display
* Save measures for analyses from a computer
* Read measurement directly on a tablet thanks to the Initio® 2 wifi module - until 5 mobile devices can be connected to one Initio® 2.

- Connecté à une console d'ExAO
Analog output Yes
BNC connection Yes
Calibration Automatic
Connexion électrode pH BNC connector
Interface USB or WIFI (optionnal)
Mesure de pH Gamme 1 to 14 pH
Mesure de pH Précision ± 0,1 pH
Millivoltmeter No
Output Wifi en option, USB
Power supply mains adapter provided
Probe included No
Probe stand No
Thermometer No
Type Mesure pH
Type of product Mesure connectée

Other Specifications

Range : 1 à 14 u.pH
Precision : ± 0,1 u.pH
Resolution : 0,1 u.pH
Calibration : In 2 points
Connection to a pH probe : BNC connector
Afficheur : Backlit graphic display, resolution 128 x 64
Analog outputs:
* -5 V to +5 V on 4mm security banana sockets
* 0 à +5V on 3,5 mm jack
Communication : USB, Wifi in option
Dimensions : 95 x 123 x 44 mm
Power supply : rechargeable battery Li-ion
Provided with a adapter sector (for batteries rechargement) and one micro USB cable.

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