Initio® 2 wifi module

WiFi direct
No application required
Data transfer with mobile devices
Data sharing with the classroom
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Data sheet Initio® 2 wifi module


The WiFi module is attached to the back of all Initio® 2. You set acquisitions and view them directly on the screen of your smartphone, tablet or laptop (equipped with wifi). Without the need to install an application, and compatible with all current operating systems, it is possible to share with the whole class the results of an experiment. Indeed, several tablets, smartphones or laptops can connect simultaneously on a same Initio®2. How does it work? 1-Insert your WiFi module in your Initio®2 2- Your module then creates a network Wifi 3- Enter the code of your WiFi module (registered on the module) 4- Open your Internet browser and enter the address present on your module 5- A web page with the content created by your module opens. During your manipulations with your WiFi module, your Internet connection is not available on your mobile device. Availability: June 2015.
Type of product Mesure connectée
Appareils de mesure Initio®
• Sortie analogique compatible avec tous types d'interfaces Ex.A.O. et oscilloscopes.
• Affichage numérique hauteur 13 mm.
• Faible encombrement.
Les appareils de mesure Initio® SA possèdent de nombreux avantages, notamment le fait de disposer d'un affichage numérique et d'une sortie analogique (SA).
Ainsi vous pouvez, au dernier moment, en fonction de la disponibilité des ordinateurs ou du TP choisi, décider d'informatiser ou non votre manipulation.
François, Spécialiste en TP de Physique

Étude de la loi de Charles

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