Initio® seismology sensor, analog output

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Data sheet Initio® seismology sensor, analog output


The Initio® seismology sensor - analog output enables
you to display the impact of a shock, a break using a series of LED. The more
the seism is considerable, the more numerous are the LED which switch
on.It enables a simple and immediate display of the signal measured by the
sensor. You have at your disposal a memorization function for a relative
quantization of wave or a non-recording function to display the wave in real
time.   The analog output allows the transfer of the signal
toward a computer-assisted experimentation interface. This unique,
multi-purpose device enables the display then the processing of the data, if
wished. An adjustment function allows the homogenezation of response levels
delivered by the diverse sensors. Thus, you can combine the devices in
order to: put into evidence the form of signal, study the differences of speed
on different supports (wood, granite, concrete ...), calculate the conduction
speed, determine a epicenter using 3 seismology sensors.

Other Specifications


Battery power
supply (supplied).
type: piezoelectric
Display: by color
Memorizing function
Analog output: ±
Button for sensitivity adjustment
Button for zero