Initio® voltmeter

  • Unique templates, no settings
  • Display: 2000 dots 13mm
  • DC switch / automatic AC
  • No fuses to replace
  • magnetic support in option
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Data sheet Initio® voltmeter


Its unique size 20V simplifies all manipulations.
The AC / DC selection is automatic with indication of the mode in the display.
There is no gauge knob (the on / off switch located in the red socket is powered when connected).
The lateral connections and the screen printing is identical to the theoretical framework to facilitate understanding of the assemblies.
In addition, the optional magnetic support secures the device to the table to explain the connections directly on the conceptual design.
The stand camera tilt is flexible and gives without breaking if the student gives a blow on the slope device.
Autoranging Yes
Max. voltage 20
Temperature measurement No

Other Specifications

Measurement range:± (0.00 to 19.99) V d.c., (0.70 to 19.99) V a.c
Resolution:10 mV.Accuracy: ± (0.5% RV + 1 RU*) in d.c., ± (1.5% RV + 4 RU*) in a.c.
Protection: up to 230 V a.c.
Operating voltage:50 V d.c. or 30 V a.c.
Power supply: 9V 6F22 battery (supplied).
Dimensions:100 x 100 x 40 mm.
*RV : Read Value - RU : Resolution Unit.