Irio EPS monocular microscope

Coarse and fine adjustment by helical movement (without rack): no maintenance or wear.Secure optics: Anti-fall, anti-dust and anti-theft system.
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Data sheet Irio EPS monocular microscope


Designed to defy time-Helical coarse movement which frees it from maintenance. No more rack,-MULTILED lighting for an unlimited lifespan,- Resistant to damage, dust, drops and theft : eyepieces and objectives are non-disassembling without the Irio wrench (supplied).Features and performance-Maximum security: the stable form of the base prevents tipping. The MULTILED lighting stays cool even after hours of use. The power supply unit is built into the base, -Quickstudent autonomy guaranteed: the coarse movement in the form of a large wheel is very intuitive. The controls and functions are clearly visible,-High image quality: images are contrasted and accurate, no need to add a blue filter. Product advantagesIts ergonomic and rugged form allows aneasy and secure handle during transport. The coarse adjustment by helical movement is controlled by the wheel on the rear of the microscope. Easily accessible through the microscope ergonomics, the student intuitively controls the macroscopic adjustment settings.The transformer or the rechargeable battery pack built into the base avoids clutter of the power cord. Easy to mount, the optional lighting unit, ref. 574 241 allows you to transform yourself your Irio microscope with integrated lighting.Intuitive, convenient and accurate, the mechanical stage integrates a blade clamp for histology slides and thin sections of rocks as well as the orthogonal movements controls.Thecompact and handy polarization kit comprises an analyzer and a polarizer. The analyzer is placed over the eyepiece by clipping. The polarizer is housed in the filter holder. This kit comes in a standard form with all Irio microscopes.Delivery in brown color until stocks run (2nd semester 2015)
Head Monocular
Magnification x40 to x600
Illumination LED
Model Irio
Head Monoculaire, orientable sur 360°, inclinée à 45°
Focusing Macrométrique par mouvement hélicoïdal, micrométrique par vis avec centrage indexé de la course
Power supply 12 V / 160 mA / 2 VA
Objectives Achromatiques
Sur tourelle 4 places
x4 O.N. 0,10 / x10 O.N. 0,25 / x40 O.N. 0,65 / x60 O.N. 0,85 sécurisés
Dioptric adjustment Non
Condenser D'Abbe O.N. 1,25 réglable (hélicoïdal)
Diaphragm À iris et porte-filtre
Stage Rectangulaire 120 x 125 mm ergonomique, avec surplatine à mouvements orthogonaux
Eyepieces x10 grand champ sécurisé
Included Housse de protection, clé Irio
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