• Drive your Jeulin interface in real time from your tablet
  • Works on all tablets, smartphones or computers
  • No software needed / no installation required
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Data sheet JCM


JCM (Jeulin Connection Module) makes your Jeulin interfaces (Tooxy®, Foxy®, Primo®, Visio®) compatible with all kind of Wi-Fi mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops).

Once connected to the interface, JCM transfers the measurements simultaneously to up to 5 WiFi devices in the classroom.

How it works?

1- Connect JCM to your interface
2- Creation of a Wi-Fi network
3. Enter JCM WiFi code written on the back of the housing
4. Open your web browser and enter the web address written on the back of the housing
5- A web page opens and allows you to:
- Control your interface
- Monitor up to 4 values
- Plot graphs
- Analyze and export your data

During your manipulations, your Internet connection is not available.
Purpose Compatible with tablet

Other Specifications

Power supply : 5 V
Communication protocol : Wifi
Nomber of devices connected at the same time : 5
Compatible with : Tooxy®, Foxy®, Primo®, Visio®
Operating mode : serveur web

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