Terms and conditions

The present general terms of sale govern all sales of products featured in Jeulin’s catalogues or on its Internet site. The act of placing an order therefore implies full acceptance without reservation by the purchaser of these general terms of sale to the exclusion of any other provision.

Any condition to the contrary introduced by the purchaser will therefore not be binding on Jeulin, failing express acceptance. Failure by Jeulin to enforce any one of the present general terms of sale at a given time cannot be interpreted as a waiver to enforce any one of the said terms later.
Moreover, Jeulin reserves the right to refuse any order from a client with whom there is litigation with respect to the payment of a prior order.


1 - Price

All Jeulin prices are in Euro and correspond to departure from Evreux – 27000 France.
They may vary in the course of the year, on the understanding that the products ordered will be invoiced at the price in force on the day the order is registered.
VAT is invoiced, if applicable, at the legal rate in force.

2 - Forwarding charges

Payment corresponding to 15% of the price excluding tax is requested to cover the administrative costs of processing the order and sending FOB. The costs of packing, assembly if required and tropicalisation will also be invoiced in addition.

3 - Minimum order

Orders must be for a minimum of three hundred (300) Euros excluding tax if they are to be taken into account. Orders for a lower amount will be kept pending further orders, until the minimum amount is reached.

4 - Reservation of title

Jeulin reserves title to the delivered goods until full payment of all mounts due to it by the purchaser in relation to the Delivery of those goods.
The purchaser’s signature on the order form or Delivery slip for the goods in itself implies acceptance of the present reservation of title clause without further formality.

5 - Specific products

The export of chemical products and substances contained in the list of dangerous substances is subject to specific regulations on procurement, possession, use, packaging and transport. Order processing systematically involves drafting a pro forma invoice, containing, inter alia, transport costs.

Internet Orders

For orders made by Internet, an order validation in the form of a detailed receipt is sent to the email address indicated by the purchaser. This receipt constitutes proof of the order and its date.


Jeulin undertakes to satisfy orders received within the limit of available stock and where there is no default of one of its suppliers.
Where a product is unavailable after the purchaser has placed his order, Jeulin undertakes to inform the purchaser as soon as possible and provide an estimate of the time it will take to receive the product. If the purchaser wishes, his order may be cancelled.


1 - Transport

Transport will be carried out according to the Incoterm selected at the time of the order. We draw your attention to the fact that the FCA Incoterm implies that the forwarding agent is based in mainland France.

2 - Delivery

In order to comply with customs laws, Jeulin reserves the right to modify, without notice, the quantities or packaging of certain products. In no event will Jeulin be held liable for the consequences of product quota systems set up in certain countries.

3 - Terms of Delivery

The terms of Delivery indicated are average terms for indicative purposes and correspond to the time taken for processing the order and Delivery.
In the case of goods that can only be delivered on different dates due to their Availability, the term of Delivery is based on the longest indicative time. However, Jeulin reserves the option, on agreement with the purchaser, to split deliveries. In this case, the contribution to transport costs will only be invoiced once.


The recipient is requested to verify the state of the outside of the parcel upon receipt, in the presence of the transporter.
Hand-written and signed reservations referring to the anomaly issued on the Delivery slip must be made where any anomaly is observed at the time of Delivery (damaged or missing parcel, breakage, damage etc.) and this must be confirmed by registered letter to the transporter within 72 hours of Delivery. A copy of this letter must also be sent to Jeulin within the same time period.
Transport must be insured for all risks, except for instructions to the contrary (notably the exclusion of war risks). The recipient will be in charge of making the usual reservations within 48 hours to the transporter. Under the general terms of the transport insurance policies, the goods only remain insured for a maximum period of 15 days after notification of receipt sent to the recipient by the transporter.
The purchaser is in charge of all customs clearance procedures during this period. After that, the goods are no longer insured and no reimbursement will be possible, notably in the case of breakage, missing goods or damage.


Our invoices are payable by one of the following methods:
– postal or bank transfer,
– postal or bank cheque to be mailed to Jeulin.

The terms of payment mentioned on the quotes and pro forma invoices issued by Jeulin are fully applicable.
Amounts which have been invoiced but not paid when due will automatically bear interest at a rate equal to one and a half times the legal interest rate.

Secure payments :

Very conscious about security in the realm of payments, Jeulin offers you several means of payments to guarantee your safety online with the the latest security measures. Your online purchases are now made easier, faster and safer with our methods. The following means of payments are at your service :

Visa and MasterCard :

Take full advantage of Visa and MasterCard’s constant progress on online guarantees in your online purchases. We have chosen to use the 3D Secure standard to authenticate your purchase and means of payment to extend further the trust you can build in our brand. Your bank will make sure you are the card owner linked to the means of payment. This will allow you to proceed in total confidentiality, security and peace of mind.

Paypal :

With Paypal, you will never communicate your financial details to Jeulin. Paypal is in charge of encrypting and protecting them. You only provide your paypal ID and its associated password.

Postal or bank transfer :

We also offer you the possibility to pay via postal or bank transfer. As soon as the funds are transferred, your order is shipped. The global transfer is indicated on the invoice you will receive and our corporate transfer details will be visible.

Postal or bank cheque :

You can also send us a postal or bank cheque – to be mailed directly to our office with the invoice.


All delivered products are contractually guaranteed, as from the date they are sent, against any manufacturing defects under normal conditions of use.
Jeulin will only be liable for the replacement of faulty parts, repair and transport costs back to your premises.
Unless specified to the contrary, in Jeulin’s catalogues or documents, the contractual guarantee is for a term of two years, except for magnetic media (such as video cassettes and CD-ROMs) and certain equipment (notably electronic, in particular home computers) for which the guarantee may be for a shorter term.

This guarantee does not cover:

  • living or preserved biological material,
  • the replacement of consumable items (batteries, bulbs, fuses etc.)
  • the replacement of glass items (such as lamps, tubes etc.),
  • the replacement of parts worn down through normal wear and tear,
  • abnormal or non-compliant use of the products and
  • defects and their consequences that are related to any external cause.

In any event, the present guarantee will not prevent the application of the statutory guarantee provided under article 1641 of the French Civil Code relating to hidden defects.


Jeulin products, materials, equipment and facilities have been designed for pedagogical purposes and are to be used by young students who are often inexperienced.
The products proposed in Jeulin’s catalogues or on its Internet site comply with French law in force at the date they are sent. They must be used in accordance with any notices and instructions for use which may be supplied with these products.

Jeulin will not be liable where one of the products supplied has been modified without its prior agreement or in the case of use that is abnormal or not in accordance with the instructions set out in the notices and instructions for use which may be supplied with these products.
Photographs, text, graphics, information and characteristics reproduced in Jeulin’s catalogues and on its Internet site illustrating the products are not contractually binding.

Consequently, Jeulin will not be liable for any error or omission in one of these photographs, texts, graphics, information or characteristics of the products.
Jeulin will not be liable for the consequences of delay in Delivery.
Jeulin will not be liable for any indirect loss due to the present document, operating losses, loss of profit, loss of opportunity, harm or costs which could arise due to the purchase of the products.
Total or partial impossibility to use the products due to incompatibility of the equipment will notably not be able to give rise to any compensation, reimbursement or to Jeulin’s liability.

Responsibility For The Processing Of Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment

In accordance with France's implementation of Directive 2002/96/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council dated 27th January 2003 with regard to waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) transposed into French law: unless otherwise provided, the end user of electrical or electronic equipment marketed by JEULIN should ensure and finance the removal and processing of resulting waste products. The processing of waste resulting from electrical or electronic equipment should be carried out at the end user's expense or any person appointed by him/her within facilities that meet the requirements provided for by articles 21 and 22 of decree n°2005-829 of 20th July 2005, in accordance with the clauses that come under title I of Book V of the Environmental Code.

Intellectual Property

All the elements, brands, designs, logos, graphics etc. featuring on the products mentioned in Jeulin’s catalogues or on its Internet site are the exclusive property of Jeulin or of its suppliers and cannot be taken over in any event.
The content of certain products may be subject to copyright. All use of such products or their content in breach with intellectual property rights law shall be liable to disciplinary action for infringement.

Money-back guarantee

If one of the products ordered fails to meet the expectations of the purchaser, he can, within 15 days of receipt of the product, return it to Jeulin, the cost of the return being borne by the purchaser.
This product will therefore, at the purchaser’s discretion, either be exchanged or replaced by a credit note (which may be set off against a future invoice).
The present right to return will only be accepted if the products are complete, in their original state (packaging, accessories, instructions for use etc.) and with the original of the Delivery slip duly filled in on the reverse side (correspondence slip).
This right to return does not apply to living or preserved biological material or to products that may be reproduced immediately that are unsealed or taken out of their cellophane wrapping (software, CDs, DVDs, Videos etc.), as well as products that are made according to the purchaser’s specifications or highly personalised (such as bespoke furniture, notably).
In the case of exchange, Jeulin will bear the cost of sending out the new product.
The purchaser is advised to contact Jeulin’s export department before taking any action in order to help him exercise his right to return in the best possible manner in view of the complexity of customs formalities.

After Sales Service

For any information or query, Jeulin’s customer department may be contacted as follows:

Telephone: +33 2 32 29 40 23
from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m..
Fax: +33 2 32 29 43 24

Through Jeulin’s Internet site:
468, rue Jacques-Monod
CS 21900, 27019 Evreux Cedex France

For all technical enquiries, Jeulin’s technical support may be reached from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.. on +33 2 32 29 40 23

1 – Products, equipment or furniture manufactured by Jeulin :

Jeulin undertakes to carry out repairs and/or to supply spare parts (after a quote, as the case may be) for a term of three years after Jeulin stops marketing those products.
After this period, repairs will only be carried out and spare parts supplied insofar as they can be procured.

2 – Products, equipment or furniture not manufactured by Jeulin :

Jeulin can only guarantee repairs and/or the supply of spare parts insofar as this is possible with respect to its suppliers.

Applicable Law And Jurisdiction Clause

The present terms are subject to French law.
Any dispute between the Parties will come within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of EVREUX, to which the Parties expressly grant jurisdiction, notwithstanding any clause to the contrary, plurality of defendants and/or activation of guarantee, even for emergency proceedings and interim protective proceedings or by request to the judge . The domicile or place of payment on negotiable instruments is neither a novation nor derogation from the present jurisdiction clause.

Nominative Information

Jeulin undertakes not to disclose the personal information it receives to third parties. This information is confidential and will only be used by Jeulin’s internal departments for processing orders as well as for making the communication and offer of Jeulin’s products and services more efficient and personal.
Any person has the right to gain access to, rectify and oppose personal data concerning him.

Modification Of The General Terms Of Sale

Jeulin reserves the right to adapt or modify the present general terms of sale at any time. The new general terms of sale will only be applied, as the case may be, to sales made after the said modification.