Kit Electrophoresis of DNA and forensic science


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Data sheet Kit Electrophoresis of DNA and forensic science


This kit contains all the necessary equipment for carrying out a DNA electrophoresis on agarose gel as part of a teaching scenario of police investigation type. This technique reveals the genetic markers that differ between individuals, species or genera. Quick implementation: the student only deposits the DNA samples on agarose gel for the purpose of analysis and interpretation of genetic fingerprint in DNA tests.The student compares the profile obtained between the suspects tubes and the sample identified at the crime scene.


All material for 10 tests and 5 electrophoresis:
- Molecular marker
- 3 tubes of suspects
- 1 DNA tube detected at the crime scene
- Agarose, buffer, color for 2 x 5 complete tests

Storage: 3 months
Theme Genetics
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