Kit sound optical transmission with laser

  • Transmission of sound by light with or without optical fiberIdeal for demonstrations Can be used on bench or optical support stands
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Data sheet Kit sound optical transmission with laser


This kit "Optical Sound Transmission" is a complete chain of information transmission. Demonstrative and easy to implement , it allows to concretize the sound transmission by light. The concepts of free space and guided wave propagation are addressed through the use or not of the 2m optical fiber provided. To go further, the signals can be processed using a function generator and an oscilloscope. To be completed with:an audio source and enclosures, an optical bench or optical support stands supporting the accessories on a Ø 10 mm rod.Tip: the adjustable / flexible laser provided in this kit can be used for all the manipulations that require a laser, in particular for the diffraction and interference.


- 1 laser rouge réglable/modulable
- 1 fibre optique plastique 2 m connectorisée SMA
- 1 support de fibre optique simple SMA
- 1 support de fibre optique collimaté SMA
- 1 photorécepteur
- Connectique : cordons pour sorties Jack ; cordons adaptateurs vers douilles 4 mm (oscillo, GBF)
Propagation medium Optical fiber, Air
Transmission source Laser
Type of accessories Stands, Set of materials for practicals
Type of product Optique

Other Specifications

Laser modulable/réglable (réf. 201 004) :
Longueur d'ondes : 650 nm
Puissance max : rouge 1 mW (Classe II)
Alimentation : par bloc secteur avec interrupteur (fourni)
Modulation : par entrée Jack 3,5 mm, directe par signal audio ou par signal GBF (max 1 V crête à crête)
Focalisation du faisceau : par bague d'extrémité moletée
Fixation : l'ensemble des éléments de ce pack dispose de tiges Ø 10 mm

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