Kundt's tube with analog output

Study of stationary waves
Recording the raw signal and the envelope curve
Use with an oscilloscope or datalogging tools
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Data sheet Kundt's tube with analog output


The apparatus is made up of a tube mounted on holder and equipped with a loudspeaker at one end and a removable stopper at the other end. The loudspeaker is supplied with a function generator (not supplied)
enabling you to vary the soundwave's frequency.The amplitude of the sound signal is picked up by an electret-foil microphone, mounted on a mobile rod inside the tube. The displacement is carried out thanks to a turn

Recordings of the displacement and the received signal are made with a computer from any Computer-Assisted Experiment system. An oscilloscope can also be used to display the received signal.
Theme: human histology Wave length

Three analog outputs:
- 5 V / + 5 V proportional to the displacement,
- 5 V / + 5 V proportional to the sound signal,
- 5 V / + 5 V proportional to the signal envelop.
Loudspeaker: 8 Ω / 0.25 W.

Distance micro/loudspeaker: adjustable from 0 to 500 mm.
Power supply: 12 V mains adapter, supplied. 4 mm safety sockets.
Dimensions: 700 x 100 x 96 mm.