LED Lantern for Classic be h

  • Brightness equivalent to 30 W Very long life bulb Supplied removable frosted and condenser Adjustable focussing by drawing
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Data sheet LED Lantern for Classic be h


This source can be used in all common optical applications Tip: using the object holder accessory (201044, not i luded), it is possible to position directly on the source an object letter. Thus, the light is bounded to this object and you do not need to use a jumper and a component holder for this purpose.

Other Specifications

Source lumineuse : LED bla he mono élément
Réglage de la focalisation : par tirage.
Alimentation : adaptateur secteur fourni.
Dimensions : Ø 50 mm utile, tige support Ø 10 x 70 mm.
Livrée avec dépoli et condenseur vissables et adaptateur secteur