LEGO Education : Have Tons of Fun with Elephant !

Design scope: Three designers were told to create an animal model. In the end, they had to decide between a crab and an elephant. The elephant's personality stole the
Personal connection: Animal models are often the most relatable and in turn the most fun to create. A friendly competition between the designers to choose the best animal kept the design process interesting.
Building challenge: The designers knew making the elephant move was going to be a challenge. With only three motors to work with from the EV3 Core Set, the first decision they had to make was whether they wanted the elephant to be able to turn as it walked, or if they wanted the trunk to move up and down. This elephant was determined to be lifelike and trumpet! They first found a way for the trunk to move up and down. Then, using lots of mechanics but only one motor, they were able to make the elephant walk forward.
Programming challenge: This model uses the EV3 Intelligent Brick buttons as interactive features, which makes the programming more complex. The touch sensor is used to position the trunk, and the color sensor is used to position the head.
Features: EV3 Color Sensor, Touch Sensor, one Medium Motor, two Large Motors