Levitation and infrared detection pack

  • Levitation and superconductivity for Education
  • Infrared detector for real-time acquisitions, no adjustment required
  • Data analysis via the provided software
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Data sheet Levitation and infrared detection pack


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Evidence of the levitation conditions of a puck
Discovery of superconductivity properties

Superconductivity properties applied to the study of dynamic mechanics
In the case of rectilinear or circular motion, the infrared detector will provide the various points of the trajectory. Then, thanks to the tools of the software, you can model the trajectories, represent the velocity and acceleration vectors.

More information about this infrared detector on page 91.

Important: Personal protective equipment and liquid nitrogen are necessary to carry out this experiment


- Plate (Ø40cm)
- Plate holder
- 3 quantum pucks (included 1 puck with integrated thermometer)
- 1 holder
- 1 plastic clamp for safety manipulation
- infrared detector
- Software
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