Light source with mirrors - 12 V 30 W


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Data sheet Light source with mirrors - 12 V 30 W


Extra-low voltage light source made up of a robust
case ensuring a good ventilation, equipped with slides' holder. On one side,
an adjustable lens positioned in front of the bulb, enables the obtention of a
divergent, convergent or parallel beam.On the opposite side, two side
enable to mix the side-output beams with the central beam.


- 1 casing ensuring ventilation
- 1 adjustable lens placed in front of the bulb
- 2 lateral mirrors
- 1 set of slits
Height 10 cm
Length 18 cm
Practical themes Demonstration lasers & light sources
Width 11 cm

Other Specifications


with a set of slits.
Requires a power supply (12 V/5 A, d.c.).
Wire (1 m)
and connections by 2 safety male banana plugs (Ø 4 mm).

Case's dimensions: 160 x 80 x 55 mm.
Mass: 320

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