Linear CCD sensor 2048 pixels

  • Synchronisation output
  • Analogue output
  • Adaptable to optical bench or stand
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Data sheet Linear CCD sensor 2048 pixels


Device designed for the study of a CCD sensor allowing to observe the influence of illumination on the amplitude of the output signal.Suitable for optical bench or stand through its Ø 10 mm rod, this sensor is also ideal for the study of diffraction or interference patterns with your acquisition system (console or oscilloscope).Filters (attenuation and polarization) are provided to allow the adjustment of the intensity received by the sensor depending on the source and the ambient light conditions.
Practical themes Diffraction & interferences
Type of accessories Detectors & cameras
Type of component Optical detector

Other Specifications

CCD sensor: 2048 pixels.
2 outputs: signal output and synchronisation output.
Fastening: stainless steel rod Ø 10 mm.
Front side metal for adaptation to the Clix mounting (supplied).
Power supply: 12 V supplied.

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