Manual scanning visible spectrophotometer

Easy-to-use controls
Robust and reliable design
Comes with 4 glass tanks
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Data sheet Manual scanning visible spectrophotometer


With an intuitive handling, it is suitable for use by students in PW.
This spectrophotometer allows manually wavelength scanning by operating a graduated dial. Measuring absorbance or transmittance is read directly on the light display at the front of the device.


Provided with a manual cuvettes module holder.
Bandwidth 5 nm ±1
Kinetic monitoring No
Mass 12 kg
Measurement display Yes
Optical fiber No
Output RS232
Resolution ± 2 nm
Source Lampe Tungstène Halogène
Spectral range 325 - 1000 nm
Supplied with software No
Type of spectrophotometer Visible
spectrum display No
Spectral range: 325-1000 nm.
Spectrum acquisition: balayage manuel
Measurement modes: absorbance / % transmission
Bandwidth: 5 nm ±1
Precision: ±2 nm
Display: alphanumeric
Cuvettes holder: manual module - 4 cuves 10 x 10 mm
Light source: Tungsten lamp / halogen
Power supply: 110/220 V ±10 % - 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 450 x 390 x 210 mm
Mass: 12 kg.